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Is it possible to be a dazzling eastern European poet impersonating an American born and bred poet? Is it possible to live in both the day-to-day world of old Pittsburgh characters and streets, as well as in a secret surreal place where doors open into the sky? The answer is a double yes as Michael Wurster proves again and again in this marvelous, imaginative, and joyful collection.
Mike James, author of Crows in the Jukebox

Mike James

Mannequins From Space

for George Romero

They are like human ghosts
walking the road at night,

the moon’s light reflecting
off their naked plastic skin.

During the day
they will not sweat,

they will enter McDonald’s
and take what they want,
the styrofoam containers.

They have no interest
in human flesh.

When they reach the mall
they will reproduce

in dressing rooms
and in closets.

72 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

May, 2019

isbn : 9780822965817

about the author

Michael Wurster

Michael Wurster is the author of numerous poetry books and is a founding member of Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange. For 17 years, he taught at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts School. He is coeditor, with Judith R. Robinson, of the anthology, Along These Rivers: Poetry & Photography from Pittsburgh (Quadrant Press, 2008), and The Brentwood Anthology (Lummox Press, 2014). In 1996, Wurster was an inaugural recipient of a Pittsburgh Magazine Harry Schwalb Excellence in the Arts Award for his contributions to poetry and the community.

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