Michael D. Barton

Michael D. Barton is an independent historian. He completed his BA (2008) and MA (2010) in history at Montana State University in Bozeman, focusing on the history of science. While a graduate student, he transcribed letters for the John Tyndall Correspondence Project, and joined the project again later as a volume editor (vols. 6 and 10). His masters research paper looked at John Tyndall’s support for Darwin. He maintains his interest in Darwin and evolution through a blog and social media.

The Correspondence of John Tyndall, Volume 6

The Correspondence, November 1856-February 1859

This sixth volume of Tyndall’s correspondence contains 302 letters covering a period of twenty-eight months (1856-1859). It begins shortly after Tyndall returned from his first glacier research in the Alps and follows him as he experimented and lectured on physics in central London at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (RI), visited friends, joined London’s fashionable social circles, published and reviewed scientific articles, corresponded with fellow men of science on a wide range of topics, and developed his theories about the structure and movement of glaciers. Importantly, this volume includes Tyndall’s expeditions to the Alps and also documents some of his most dangerous mountaineering exploits.