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Prospective Authors


Prospective Authors

How to Submit a Manuscript Proposal

We publish titles in: Latin American studies, Russian and East European studies, international relations, poetry, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania regional studies, environmental studies, architecture and landscape history, urban studies, composition and literacy, the history of science and the philosophy of science. We do not publish in the hard sciences, nor do we publish memoirs or fiction.

We welcome unsolicited manuscript submissions appropriate to our list.

Poetry submissions must follow a different set of guidelines, found here.

Please download and fill out our Manuscript Inquiry Form and email it to the attention of the appropriate editor. Or send us a letter of inquiry that describes:

. The subject and contribution of your book;

. The approach you have taken

. The intended audience (scholars, students, the general public?). If the book is appropriate for course use, please discuss the kinds of courses and level (undergraduate, upper-level undergraduate, graduate);

. Your qualifications to undertake the project.

Please include an updated curriculum vitae, an outline or table of contents, and a sample chapter, if available. (It's best not to send the complete manuscript when first contacting us.) If the manuscript is not yet finished, include a projected timetable, an estimate of final length and the number of illustrations, if any.

Submit your inquiry directly to the appropriate acquisitions editor (see below), University of Pittsburgh Press, 7500 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Acquisitions Editors

Peter W. Kracht, Director
(use above mailing address or email)
Poetry, Regional, Slavic Studies, Central Asian Studies
Sandy Crooms, Editorial Director
(use above mailing address or email)
Environmental History/Studies, Urban History/Studies, History

Joshua Shanholtzer, Sr. Acquisitions Editor
(use above mailing address or email)

Latin American Studies, Composition Studies, Cuban Studies
Abby Collier, Sr. Acquisitions Editor
(use above mailing address or email)
History and Philosophy of Science, Architecture/Built Environment

We will respond to your inquiry within 4-6 weeks. If your project seems appropriate for our list, we will invite submission of the complete manuscript.


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