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Pitt Press Releases

Press Releases

Press releases listed are downloadable pdf files.

Date Author/Book
04/05/15 Charles Harper Webb/Brain Camp Prolific, award-winning poet’s new collection offers funny, complex, accessible verse
03/15/15 Richard Michelson/More Money Than God Acclaimed children’s author returns to his adult audience with life-affirming poetry collection
02/15/15 Mihaela Moscaliuc/Immigrant Model

With a voice steeped in Eastern European tradition, poet examines identity in the face of conflict 

02/15/15 Ross Gay/Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude Poet finds wisdom in the garden in his new collection
02/15/15 Quan Barry/Loose Strife

Timeless Greek drama inspires poet’s fourth collection

02/15/15 Beth Bachmann/Do Not Rise Poet delves deeply into war, memory, and post-traumatic stress
01/14/15 Leslie Pietrzyk/This Angel on My Chest With wit and wisdom, Drue Heinz winner explores the sudden, unexpected loss of a spouse
12/16/14 Nathaniel Marshall/Wild Hundreds Starrett Poetry Prize winner writes “long love song” to his hometown
04/02/14 Kathleen George/The Johnstown Girls Johnstown flood inspires suspenseful novel about twins separated by the deluge
02/28/14 Robin Becker/Tiger Heron Poet’s new collection praised for vivid detail and illuminating perspective
02/28/14 Teresa Leo/Bloom in Reverse

Poet’s second collection works through loss of a friend, beginning at the end

02/23/14 William Stafford/Sound of the Ax Centennial of Stafford’s birth inspires unique collection of his work
02/23/14 Barbara Hamby/On the Street of Divine Love

Poet continues her love affair with words and lingo in new collection

02/23/14 George Bilgere/Imperial

Poet’s sixth collection focuses on middle-age with humorous anxiety


Academic presses launch innovative collaboration in Jewish Studies

02/03/14 Vicky A. Clark/Robert Qualters Pitt Press publishes first in-depth study of iconic Pittsburgh artist Robert Qualters
02/01/14 Kent Nelson/Spirit Bird: Short Stories Colorado author wins 2014 Drue Heinz Literature Prize
01/19/14 Alicia Suskin Ostriker/The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog Title poem of new collection proves art can arrive in the middle of the night
11/26/13 Sarah Rose Nordgren/Best Bones

Cincinnati author wins 2013 Pitt Press poetry prize

11/17/13 Kasey Jueds/Keeper Starrett prize winner, ‘vibrant new voice,’ explores intimacy and connectivity
10/27/13 Joan Naviyuk Kane/Hyperboreal

Alaskan poet reflects with hope on the strengths of her indigenous culture

10/27/13 Jeffrey McDaniel/Chapel of Inadvertent Joy

McDaniel’s newest book unleashes wit and imagination in persona poems

10/13/13 Vicky A. Clark/Robert Qualters

Pitt Press to publish first in-depth study of iconic Pittsburgh artist Robert Qualters

10/13/13 David Shumate/Kimonos in the Closet Award-winning Indiana author drawn to ‘non-form’ of prose poetry
09/30/13 Char Miller/Seeking the Greatest Good New book explores unique significance of Pinchot Institute to American conservationism
09/22/13 Anthony Wallace/The Old Priest Time, eternity, and memory are themes in award-winning fiction collection
08/31/13 Peter Everwine/Listening Long and Late California poet extols the concept of listening
05/23/13 Richard Blanco/Boston Strong Pitt Press author chosen to write poem for Boston benefit
04/05/13 Dan Rooney and Carol Peterson/Allegheny City

Pittsburgh’s ‘North Side is coming back’ . . . colorful, vibrant and proud

03/31/13 Jan Beatty/The Switching/Yard

Poet continues to explore her obsessions in new collection

03/10/13 Daisy Fried/Women's Poetry

Prize-winning poet delivers energy, wit, and humor in third collection

02/24/13 Elton Glaser/Translations from the Flesh

“Powerful engines” take charge in Ohio poet’s new collection

02/24/13 Charles Harper Webb/What Things Are Made Of

West Coast poet emerges from the literary shadows to center stage

02/24/13 Afaa Michael Weaver/The Government of Nature

Chinese spiritualism inspires second part of poet’s trilogy

02/17/13 Denise Duhamel/Blowout

Romantic love is both celebrated and mourned in poet’s new collection

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