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Poem of the Month

Martha Rhodes is the author of four previous poetry collections: At the Gate, Perfect Disappearance, Mother Quiet, and The Beds. She teaches in the graduate program at Sarah Lawrence College and the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, as well as The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. She directs the summer Conference on Poetry at the Frost Place and is the director of Four Way Books in New York City.


July 2017

From The Thin Wall

by Martha Rhodes


Husband, who is that woman there,
that lovely woman barely clothed,
that woman barely clothed I see
in the corner of our room tonight?

A lovely woman barely clothed
I see in the corner of our room tonight.
Weapons locked up. I cannot
take arms, all my strength not to.

Husband, you know her, don’t you,
that woman in the corner of our room—
take arms, all my strength not to.
You know her, you do, stealing her

into our room tonight, that woman, barely
clothed, you think she’s so lovely,
seated in the corner, facing us, mocking.
Weapons locked up. Take arms? About to.

You know her too, he said. Once, she was,
dammit, you.


© 2017, Martha Rhodes. All rights reserved.











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