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Desk Copy Policy

Desk copies are available at the discretion of the University of Pittsburgh Press to qualified instructors of appropriate courses.

One complimentary desk copy per instructor is available for any book that has been assigned as a required or supplementary text in a scheduled class for the current or following term and is on order with a bookstore.

A complimentary desk copy is provided with the understanding that 10 or more copies of the book will be bought by students in the course.

Please use your institution's letterhead or a standard desk-copy request form, making certain to include your name, title, and position; the name and number of the course in which the book has been assigned; how many copies of the book have been ordered; on what date; and from which bookstore.

To request a desk copy, please mail or fax the request to:

University of Pittsburgh Press
7500 Thomas Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
fax: (412) 383-2466



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