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Composition, Literacy, and Culture

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University of Pittsburgh Press

David Bartholomae
and Jean Ferguson Carr, Editors

The Composition, Literacy, and Culture series publishes in composition and rhetoric, literacy, and culture; in the history of writing, reading, and instructional practice; the construction of American literacy and letters; and the relations between language and gender, ethnicity, race, or class.

The series seeks work informed by interested disciplines, such as literary theory, history, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, and philosophy, with the purpose of provoking reflection about disciplinary practices. The series will also reprint editions of valuable historical materials, to locate within historical contexts the cultural practices of reading, writing, and teaching.

The goal of the series is to bring together on one list scholarship that crosses traditional boundaries. The editors welcome investigations that step outside the usual forms and outlines of academic inquiry.




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