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By Series - 'Golden Triangle Books'
BreakerN.A. PerezSet in northeastern Pennsylvania, Breaker is the story of fourteen-year-old Pat McFarlane, his rebellious older brother Cal, his ambitious sister Annie, and of Mam, whose fierce pride holds the family together. Most of all, it is the story of the mine, which rules their days, attempts to rob their pride, and takes the life of Pat’s father.
Greenhorn on the FrontierAnn FinlaysonA realistic portrayal of frontier life in colonial America that follows the adventures of two teenagers struggling to survive. Replete with references to the colonies, relations with the Delaware and Shawnee tribes, and a frank look at slavery, this novel deals with all of the important issues of the Revolutionary War era.
Rebels in the ShadowsRobert ReillyIntended for ages eleven through fourteen, this gripping novel dramatizes the plight of coal miners in the Pennsylvania anthracite fields in the 1870s, through the eyes of one family caught up in the violence of the legendary secret society known as the Molly Maguires.
TemperingGloria SkurzynskiA classic in children’s literature, award winning The Tempering, set in 1912, tells the story of Karl Kerner who must choose between leaving school for a life in the mills or continuing with his education. Young readers will gain an understanding of how strength and spirit created and sustained a community of people who lived, worked, and died with the making of steel.
Three Golden RiversOlive PriceSet in 1850, four orphaned children leave their farm and move to the city in order to support themselves. A remarkable story full of the details of life in a robust nineteenth-century city, in the words and experience of four children left to fend for themselves, filled with fascinating bits of history.
Wilderness BoyMargery EverndenOriginally published in 1955 and reissued for a new generation, Wilderness Boy tells an exciting story of the Whiskey Rebellion that will teach young people and readers of all ages about an early chapter in our country’s ongoing struggle to form an ever more perfect union.
Wrestle the MountainPhyllis Reynolds NaylorIn the fictional town of Tin Creek, West Virginia a young boy with a talent for woodcarving dreams of more from life than what the coal mine can offer. Wrestle the Mountain follows Jed’s struggle to find his own path and peace with his fahter.

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