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By Subject - Anthropology
Anthropology and the Behavioral and Health SciencesOtto von MeringThis book acts as a catalyst for anthropology to foster research ties to its neighboring disciplines in the behavioral and health sciences. It is an introspective and circumspective appraisal of the relevance of anthropology to these related disciplines and professions and assesses the usefulness of reciprocal borrowing of ideas and investigative tools among them.

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Azan on the MoonTill MostowlanskyAzan on the Moon is an in-depth anthropological study of people’s lives along the Pamir Highway in eastern Tajikistan. Based on extensive fieldwork and through an analysis of construction, mobility, technology, media, development, Islam, and the state along the Pamir Highway, Mostowlansky shows how conceptualizations of modernity are both challenged and reinforced in contemporary Tajikistan.

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Culture and SocietyGeorge MurdockTwenty four essays cover a broad range of topics in cultural anthropology, and represent the best writings of George Peter Murdock and reveal his theoretical orientation and his many landmark contributions to the field.

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From Belonging to BeliefJulie McBrienThis book presents a nuanced ethnographic study of Islam and secularism in post-Soviet Central Asia, as seen from the small town of Bazaar-Korgon in southern Kyrgyzstan. Julie McBrien explores belief and non-belief, varying practices of Islam, discourses of extremism, and the role of the state, to elucidate the everyday experiences of Bazaar-Korgonians. She shows how Islam is explored, lived, and debated in both conventional and novel sites, and argues that religion is not always a matter of belief— sometimes it is essentially about belonging. McBrien details the complex process of evolving religion in a region that has experienced both Soviet atheism and post-Soviet secularism, each of which has profoundly formed the way Muslims interpret and live Islam.
Game Theory in the Behavioral SciencesIra BuchlerThis collection of essays was the first major attempt to apply game theory, linear programming, and graph theory to anthropological data.

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Living Language in KazakhstanEva-Marie DubuissonA fascinating anthropological inquiry into the deeply ingrained presence of ancestors within the cultural, political, and spiritual discourse of Kazakhs. This ancestral dialogue sustains a unifying worldview by mediating questions of faith and morality, providing role models, and offering a mechanism for socio-political critique, change, and meaning-making.

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