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Appalachian AutumnMarcia BontaLike her popular Appalachian Spring, Marcia Bonta’s new book offers a day-by-day account of the changing world of nature in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. This time she chronicles the beauties of the autumn months as she walks the familiar roads and trails of her 500-acre mountain-top farm, noting the minute transformations of the season as well as the more dramatic ones.
Appalachian SpringMarcia BontaMarcia Bonta is a naturalist-writer who has lived on a 500-acre mountain-top farm in central Pennsylvania for twenty years. Appalachian Spring is her personal account of that glorious spectacle - the coming of the spring to the woods and fields of Appalachia.
Appalachian SummerMarcia BontaAs she did in Appalachian Spring and Appalachian Autumn, Bonta offers a day-by-day account of the natural life of one place--her 648-acre property in south central Pennsylvania. In her minute observations of one place, one season, Marcia Bonta lays bare the connections we retain to the natural world, which is, finally, our own.
Appalachian WinterMarcia BontaThis is the fourth (and final) volume in Marcia Bonta’s seasonal musings on the natural world surrounding her 650-acre home in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. It explores the often hidden beauty and outdoor life of North American winters.

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Butterflies of PennsylvaniaJames MonroeFeaturing over 900 color illustrations, Butterflies of Pennsylvania is the most comprehensive, user-friendly field guide to date of all of the species of butterflies and skippers ever recorded in Pennsylvania. Information on distinguishing marks, traits, wingspan, habitat, larval host plants, and handy facts offer assistance for field identification. County-by-county maps show where each species has been recorded, and graphs detail when they are present and most likely to be seen.

Winner of the 2017 National Outdoor Book Award, Nature Guidebook category.


Butterflies of West Virginia and Their CaterpillarsThomas AllenDescribes 128 species of butterflies found in the state, along with their caterpillars and pupae. Each species account provides a description and information on distribution, habitat, life history, nectar sources, and larval host plants. Hundreds of color illustrations, as well as detailed drawings and maps. Written for scientists and general enthusiasts alike.
Guide to the Mammals of PennsylvaniaJoseph MerrittThis extensive, portable guidebook contains behavior and ecological characteristics, Pennsylvania and North American range maps, and photographs of the sixty-three different species of wild mammals that populate Pennsylvania’s hills and valleys.
Soldiers Delight JournalJack WennerstromJack Wennerstrom records a four-season nature journal at the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area outside Baltimore, MD, which is a rarely preserved prairie remnant.

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YoughioghenyTim PalmerBy canoe, raft, and on foot, Tim Palmer explores the river from its highest spring to its industrial end. He writes about the people, about the shaping of the land, and the land’s inevitable shaping of the people—from afternoon visitors to eighth generation natives. Strip mining, land development, and recreation management are explored. Includes maps and sixty photographs.

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