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By Subject - Health
British Private Medical Practice and the National Health ServiceSamuel MencherMencher spent a year in Great Britain (1965-1966) interviewing leaders of professional medical associations, executives of the health insurance societies, and general practitioners and specialists engaged in private practice. His study of the private medical service twenty years after the passage of the National Health Service Act reviews the changes, problems, and successes of the National Health Service.

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Cultural Geography of Health CareWilbert GeslerA clear, stimulating introduction to the relationship between the “hard” and “soft” sciences of medicine and cultural geography, as seen in many countries around the world. Gesler argues that medical systems must be seen in a social context in order to cut costs and provide effective treatment.

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Deepening ShadeBarbara SourkesThe Deepening Shade is an elegant synthesis of the psychology of life-threatening illness. The book’s evocative power derives from the interweaving of clinical conceptualization with the words of patients and family members. Rather than focusing on death, Sourkes explores living with a life-threatening illness.

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Mad People’s History of MadnessDale PetersonA man desperately tries to keep his pact with the Devil, a woman is imprisoned in an insane asylum by her husband because of religious differences, and, on the testimony of a mere stranger, “a London citizen” is sentenced to a private madhouse. This anthology of writings by mad and allegedly mad people is a comprehensive overview of the history of mental illness for the past five hundred years-from the viewpoint of the patients themselves.

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Mental Health, Racism, and SexismCharles V. WillieThe essays in this volume offer powerful perspectives on the effects of racism and sexism on mental health care.

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Private DomainPaul TaylorTaylor explores aspects of himself that have affected his work. He delves into the creation of Aureole and From Sea to Shining Sea, from their initial inception to the ways in which specific dancers influenced the choreography, including such notables as Pina Bausch, Laura Dean, David Parsons, Twyla Tharp, Dan Wagoner, Senta Driver—all of whom went on to form their own companies—and others—Bettie de Jong, Nicholas Gunn, and Carolyn Adams—who remained as much a part of the Taylor style as the choreography itself.
Techniques for Observing Normal Child BehaviorNancy CarbonaraA handbook of standard techniques for observing children’s behavior in nursery school settings -- it is also applicable to children in club groups, elementary school classrooms, and hospitals.
Uprooted ChildrenRobert ColesA study that describes how black, white, and Mexican-American children of migrant families grow up in rural America under conditions of extreme hardship and how they come to terms with the world and themselves.

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View from the DivideLee GutkindIn the tradition of Lewis Thomas, Stephen J. Gould, and Oliver Sachs, this special double issue of Creative Nonfiction, the only exclusively nonfiction literary journal, demonstrates the many ways in which aspects of the scientific world—from biology, medicine, physics, and astronomy—can be captured and dramatized for a humanities-oriented readership.

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