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November 2003
88 pages  

6 x 8 1/2
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The Ceremonies of Longing
Kohler, Sandra
Whether cataloging her flower garden or worrying about her son, admiring a trio of aged aunts or recovering from an argument with her husband, the narrator in these beautifully lyric poems deftly explores imagination, relationships, and the unlived possibilities in our own lives. Like the currents of time that pull us inexorably into the future, Sandra Kohler leads us through The Ceremonies of Longing, illuminating the magic that inhabits daily life and ordinary dreams.
Sandra Kohler's poetry has appeared in numerous publications, and she has taught extensively at levels from elementary to university. The recipient of numerous awards and author of The Country of Women, she lives with her husband in Selinsgrove, in central Pennsylvania.
"We open this book and oh, reader, we're transformed."—Hilda Raz

"These poems hold a surprising stealth. . . . ‘It’s just life,’ I kept telling myself as I read, but how I admire poets who can take the ordinary and then prove to us, through arresting lyric, that it’s anything but."—Cornelius Eady

“If you are a worshiper of words, Sandra’s poems will make your mind breathless. . . .Her concise style shows an appreciation for the simplicity of experience, while her choice of words shows the seduction of the complexity of the inner world we live in while the outer world swirls around us in color, sound and texture. . . . Will transform a part of your soul into an awakened butterfly. . . . She has the gift of intoxicating the mind with words.” —, (5 stars), Nov. 2003

“A beautiful book, filled with clean wording and fresh metaphors.”—Heather Yanda, Square Lake, Spring 2004

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In a poetic voice that is at once reflective and lively, Sandra Kohler explores the patterns of everyday life and the inner drama of imagination. Though these poems are mostly set amidst the familiarity of a suburban household and the family garden, this environment appears far from mundane as Kohler peels away the veneer of domestic tranquility to reveal a world busy with human passion and the rhythms of the earth. Nature is present at every turn, an ethereal twin, as the narrator’s emotions take the form of cardinals in flight, a rushing river, or a potato sprouting from the dark.


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