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April 2003
112 pages  

6 x 9
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Shepherd, Reginald
The fourth collection from this much-praised poet combines lyricism with experimentation, creating a unique synthesis of passion and linguistic exploration.
Reginald Shepherd (1963–2008) was the author of five books of poetry: Fata Morgana; Otherhood; Wrong; Angel, Interrupted; Some Are Drowning; and Red Clay Weather. His work has been widely anthologized, and has appeared in four editions of The Best American Poetry and two Pushcart Prize anthologies.
"Brilliant and elegiac. . . . A writer always conscious of the shadowy borders where myth and history—his own and Western civilization’s—mingle."—Marilyn Hacker

"Shepherd continues the mining—making mine—of classical texts and textures which has been for so long his forte. . . . No poet of his generation brings more intelligence, passion, wit, and necessary madness to poetry."—Bin Ramke

"True poets give gifts. Reginald Shepherd gives his readers the interest of the world. . . . Shepherd’s book is a Song of Songs."—Allen Grossman

“A book worth reading and re-reading.”---Patricia Monaghan, Booklist

“[Shepherd] is a master of figurative speech, especially metaphors. . . .A stunningly beautiful collection.” ---Library Journal, June 15, 2003

“[Shepherd’s] gifts are admirable in their abundance and their brilliance. “---Laurel Blossom, American Book Review, February 2004

“A poet who undeniably attempts and achieves more in each new book than the last. . . . dazzles the reader . . . With four books in the past decade, [he] has established himself as one of the great poets of his generation.”---Kevin McKelvey, Crab Orchard Review, Winter-Spring 2004

“We are treated to alternately scuttling and hypnotic rhythms, a dazzling range of diction, and the will to topple or invert established heirarchies of power and meaning. . . . Shepherd refuses to shy away from beauty’s brutal aspect or to soften the motal edges of desire. . . . Advances his risk-taking body of work.”—Boston Review, Feb/Mar 2005

“Through a breathtaking panoply of Grecian gods and Latinate terms, Reginald Shepherd weaves an elaborate mesh of language. The fascinating fabric of the poems in Otherhood is soundplay, and Shepherd is a vertuoso.”—Perihelion, March 2005

“Poet and poems push to reinvent themselves, stanza by stanza, pursuing dynamism at the risk of imbalance or even dissolution. The risk is worth it. With Otherhood, Shepherd’s gifts appear, incredibly, redoubled.”—Constant Critic Reviews, March 2005

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Written in the spaces between otherness and brotherhood, Otherhood combines traditional lyricism with experimentalism, passionate engagement with cold-eyed investigation, and personal details with a depersonalized distance to create a new poetic synthesis.


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