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August 2001
248 pages  

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Installations, Mattress Factory, 1990-1999
Olijnyk, Michael, Luderowski, Barbara, Giannini, Claudia
Installations is an intriguing restrospective catalog of site-specific installation art exhibited at the internationally renowned museum The Mattress Factory during the 1990s.
Michael Olijnyk has been Curator of Exhibitions at the Mattress Factory since 1982.
Barbara Luderowski founded the Mattress Factory and has been Executive/Artistic Director since 1977.
Claudia Giannini, a member of the development team at the Mattress Factory since 1995, coordinated and edited this publication.
"Because it documents the ephemeral installations presented at the Mattress Factory during the 1990s, Installations will be of central importance to anyone interested in the art of this revolutionary decade."—David Wilkins, Henry Clay Frick Department of the History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh

"Combining chronological history, reminiscences, and broad essays, this book is a valuable overview of the Mattress Factory and its contributions to contemporary installation art." —Ronald Onorato, Department of Art, University of Rhode Island

“From its engaging, vibrant cover to the final pages mapping the museum and its surrounding building, Installations is a wonderfully designed and executed book. It succeeds both graphically and conceptually by not only chronicling the exhibitions but by providing contest that offers a greater appreciation for them and the genre.”—Chris Dreher, Pittsburgh City Paper

“But nothing can speak like the art itself, page after page of bright, stimulating photographs that manage to capture this elusive genre in an exciting period that included luminaries like John Latham, Yayoi Kusama, Kiki Smith and one of the century’s seminal figures, the late John Cage.:—Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“... provides a good overview of what the North Side musem has been up to the past decade. ...the book chronicles a time when it continued to mature and refine its focus, while still maintaining its edge. Photos memorialize many of its temporary exhibitions. The essays are enlightening, generally engaging and sometimes eye-opening, when you consider the Herculean efforts often required to bring us this art.”—Mike May, Pittsburgh Magazine, February 2002

“ . . . anyone fascinated by this fugutive genre of art will find this volume a useful record of a wide range of recent examples.”—John A. Walker, The Art BookM/I>, January 2003

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Located on Pittsburgh’s North Side, and internationally recognized for the quality of its artistic and educational programs, the Mattress Factory is one of the few museums in the world that focuses exclusively on installation art. Installations is an exciting exploration of site-specific artworks by Kiki Smith, John Cage, Ann Hamilton, Greer Lankton, and many other artists from around the world. Statements by the artists, verbal descriptions of the eighty-seven works presented during the 1990s and insightful essays on different facets of installation art add depth to this remarkable photographic record.


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